Tavache Kizer aka TRIFE (Trials Reflecting InFluential Environments), grew up in one of the un-safest neighborhoods in Chicago, but he was part of one of the most respected families in the area. Growing up on the South East side of Chicago’s “Notorious” 72nd Dorchester “SirCon City” to 49th and State street “Robert Taylor Projects,” violence and poverty constantly surrounded TRIFE. Instead of allowing the streets be his way of life, TRIFE became dedicated to stopping the violence in his community and other communities like his – across the nation.

TRIFE was influenced by his family and Hip Hop and began rapping at a young age. He took his talent to elementary school assemblies and school talent shows. As he grew older his performances took him to night clubs and to various events. At the age of 38 TRIFE’s name and following allowed him to create his first single, “Respect the Youth.” The single “Respect the Youth” represents what TRIFE stood for and his “against the violence” initiatives.

Prior to the release of “Respect the Youth” TRIFE was innocently shot and killed – a block away from where he grew up- and by the very cause that he was fighting for every day. He leaves behind a wife of over 20 years and four children- 19, 17,13, 9 and 4.

In addition to his talent, TRIFE was the vice president, spokesperson and board member to ROYALT2Y- prior to his death. Through ROYALT2Y TRIFE was working to provide the youth with outlets that would detour them from the a life on the streets that could engage them in violence and innocently take their lives.

“It’s all me, I can’t be anybody else but me, and by me being me, down the road, I want to have influenced my era and many generations to come,” TRIFE

Rest in Peace Tavache Kizer “TRIFE”
Sunrise: July 23, 1975 Sunset: Oct, 8, 2013